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Employees Layoff

  1. Will Yahoo Torch its Search Deal With Microsoft, Outsource Search to Google?

    Yahoo will layoff thousands of employees this week as part of a major company restructuring. Yahoo is also looking at possibly getting out of search altogether, AllThingsD reports. Is the Microsoft-Yahoo Search Alliance on life support?

  2. Yahoo Fires Them On The Road, Hundreds Get Axe Today

    Stock prices have risen about 4% today - similar to the reaction to the layoff announcement last week. Sad if layoff notifications are the only time the stock gets spikes. Last week it was going to be 700, today the number is 600 - but people are...

  3. Jerry Yang's Casual Note To Employees Thrown Overboard

    Combine that with the slides ValleyWag acquired for layoff instructions to managers and one sees the big business actions of this declining corporation. A sale of Yahoo at $31 may have led to as many layoffs, but the departing employees would have...

  4. How to Survive a Recession ... In Search

    You may have a layoff or two. Perhaps you're thinking this is a good time to cut back on those nice little perks your employees have. Doom and gloom abound in the economic world and the Debbie Downer syndrome is spreading like a flesh-eating virus.

  5. Defending SEM During a Recession

    AOL Buys Bebo Amid Integration Upheaval and Layoff Rumors, ClickZ News I just read and article in Inc.magazine about the emotional turmoil a mid-sized company CEO went through as he told 60 percent of the employees that he had to let them go.