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  1. So Why Did All Those Movie Sites Lose Google Search Traffic?

    And since we live in an embeddable world (with YouTube and other video networks making it easy to embed video clips on your own website), questions started to arise about how Google could treat the various parties involved in copyright infringement.

  2. Dissecting Moz's 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors

    All of the charts provided by are embeddable and you can even download the raw data if you care to try your own analysis. Imagine playing a team sport, where your team could be penalized at any time, but you and your teammates have only a...

  3. Google Crisis Response: From Search Engine to Information Provider

    The map was deliberately made to be embeddable aswell, so that other news and social networks could also alert their people to the hazards. The work of this small, relatively unknown, team is indicative of the future of information retrieval on...