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  1. Google Apps Adds Mail Migration

    Gmail will then organize the messages into conversation threads, and will be able to display the original sender, recipient, and date of messages; and convert existing mail folders into labels. Google now offers a way that users can migrate...

  2. Gmail Alerts via an ATOM Feed

    that discuss a new button that's now appearing on Gmail and how it might signal a new feature that will push new email alerts (subject line, the e-mail address of the sender and a brief summary of the e-mail message) to an aggregator using ATOM.

  3. Linker vs. Lawyer: The Deep Link Controversy Continues

    The sender of the email or the recipient who (egads) unsuspectingly opened an email and now has a deep link in front of them? Some email clients make URLs into links automatically, so the URL below: wasn't a link when I typed it.