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Email Confirmation

  1. How to Create a Social Media Friendly Landing Page

    Save the Like, +1, Pin It, and other social media buttons for the confirmation page. If you want your social media friends and fans to watch a video, download a tool, or sign up for an email list, you have to make it super simple to do.

  2. Big Data = Big Trouble: How to Avoid 5 Data Analysis Pitfalls

    Confirmation Bias Narrow focus/not enough data: Analyzing data sets without considering other data points that might be crucial for the analysis (for example, analyzing email click-through rate but ignoring the unsubscribe rate).

  3. Facebook Claims Site Scraper Responsible for Leak of 1 Million User Emails

    However, a logical person would expect at least a few of the affected profiles to show a publicly available email address, especially given that there has been no confirmation from Facebook that affected users were notified of the breach.

  4. Gmail Messages to Appear in Google SERPs

    Users will receive email confirmation once their account is ready. We contacted Google for confirmation on the timeframe for the rollout, and also to check if this is limited to certain territories, but have yet to receive that information.

  5. Linden Lab Changes How it Communicates With Users -- To What End?

    Finally, there's the issue with the JIRA, which has many people absolutely livid -- not because of the change, as much as the change is viewed as a confirmation of what they've known all along -- no one at the Lab is listening or gives a damn...