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Elinor Mills

  1. Top ten stories from SES New York – Day 3

    Elinor Mills of CNET says, “Mahalo is adding user reviews to its human-powered search site in a new feature dubbed ‘My Mahalo. It's Day 3 at SES New York 2008 and today the folks from Pan Communications have found more than 80 stories that...

  2. CNET News Kneecaps GOOGLE: Calls CEO Eric Schmidt "Lame"

    CNET News reporter Elinor Mills apparently felt scorned. After flying cross-country to see Eric Schmidt's Google Health presentation and scheduling a 1:1 interview, Mills found him unwilling to answer questions - questions, that is, unrelated to...

  3. News Search Analysis: SES San Jose

    Google's Mayer talks iPhone, Facebook by Elinor Mills of CNET If you evaluate the news stories and blog posts about Search Engine Strategies, then "universal search" beat "click fraud" as the top story to come out of the conference.

  4. Google Offers New Versions of Google Mini Search Appliance, Fast Search and NY Times Company Announce Deal

    First, Elinor Mills reports that Google is offering two new versions of the Google Mini. Two enterprise search notes today. One from Google and the other from Fast Search and Transfer. One of the new Google Minis will be priced at just under $6,000...

  5. Terry Semel's CES Keynotes Includes Visits from Tom Cruise and Ellen DeGenres; Semel Says "Walled Gardens" are a Thing of the Past

    From the Elinor Mills News article: Update: A vidcast of Terry Semel's CES keynote is now available for online viewing or downloading. Click here, then scroll to the "Most Recent Episodes" section. It's the first link.