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  1. 'Demerol,' 'Butt' & 'Preggers' Among 1,400 Strange Words Google Bans on Android

    I try to Swype-type the word ‘condom' and I get ‘condition' or ‘confusion,'" said Jillian York, a spokesperson for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The list, part of a file called Dictionaries in the OS code, discovered by Wired, is an odd one.

  2. Note to FTC: Google Satisfies Information Needs Way More Than Shopping Needs

    Yet, the quote is lifted directly from a special 1976 edition of the Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, with the title: “Strategies for Dealing with Human Information Needs: Information or Communication?

  3. SEO Mos Def Busted by WA State Atty General: $450,000 Penalty Looms

    The Attorney General's Office sued Internet Advancement in August 2004, accusing the company of violating the state Consumer Protection Act and Unsolicited Electronic Mail Act. Washington customers who fall into this category should file a...

  4. Copyright Law: What Search Marketers Should Know (Part 1)

    The name, address, and electronic signature of the complaining party It was created as a means for copyright owners to easily file infringement claims without requiring the services of an attorney, and for online service providers (OSPs) hosting...

  5. EFF Asks FTC To Limit How Long AOL Can Store Search Records

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation has asked the US The Electronic Communications Privacy Act is meant to protect communications between and among users -- not to protect requests from customers for directions on the Internet.

  6. New Search Patent Applications: June 19, 2006 - Autolinking, and Better Advertising through Deletion Predictions

    A system and method for detecting undesired electronic messages (e.g.spam) using concept categorization of hyperlinks is disclosed. A server receives an electronic message and retrieves web pages that correspond to hyperlinks in the message.

  7. Daily SearchCast, June 7, 2006: Google Rethinking Chinese Censorship? Rock, Paper, Scissors, US Senator, Google Guy; What People Search For At The CIA Web Site & More!

    Gary Price discovers that the CIA has come up with a list of the top searches at the CIA's FOIA Electronic Reading Room. MP3 file, listening via WebmasterRadio at 11:30am Eastern and repeated at 2pm Eastern Tuesday through Friday, via our

  8. Daily SearchCast, May 24, 2006: Windows Live Local Gets UK Images & Easier Map Sharing; Is That Site In Your Search Results Safe?; A Spam Detection Tool; A Search Marketing Magazine Arrives & More!

    Once enrolled you should receive electronic delivery of the proxy statement, annual report, and related materials. MP3 file, listening via WebmasterRadio at 11:30am Eastern and repeated at 2pm Eastern Tuesday through Friday, via our

  9. New Search Patents: May 3, 2006 - Microsoft and IBM Dominate with Recent Search Filings

    A document categorisation system, including a clusterer for generating clusters of related electronic documents based on features extracted from said documents, and a filter module for generating a filter on the basis of said clusters to...