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  1. Bing Linked Pages Simpler than Google+ Author Markup

    As egotistical as this may sound, I have found with Google Search Plus Your World that the experience of finding forgotten profiles and content about you, buried in the search engine was surprisingly "delightful" (I'm echoing a sentiment shared by...

  2. David Meerman Scott updates The New Rules of Marketing and PR at SES New York 2010

    We interrupted "prospects" with our egotistical "messages," in the hopes of generating interest from buyers (who usually ignored us anyway). David Meerman Scott, the author of "The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media, Blogs, News...

  3. Most Corporate Social Media Efforts Will Fail

    Companies can be very egotistical when it comes to marketing. What the research also goes on to state is that 50 percent of those that set out and establish or become involved in these communities will fail in their efforts.

  4. Get Links Now: Make a Difference, Make Connections

    He has his own self-centered, egotistical ambitions to worry about. Why do we grow? Why do we want more money? Why do we bother? Societies have tried to answer that question with various economic systems and constructs.