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Effective Value

  1. Google: Top Search Ads Increase Brand Awareness by 6.6% [Study]

    Traditionally, the value in search advertising has always been centered on increases in click-through rates and conversions. The price of a search ad versus a more traditional method of advertising is much more cost-effective.

  2. Influence the Influencers: The Magic of Co-Created Social Content

    Much is hyped about the value and "magic" of social media marketing. Use content to create value for influencers to gain influence for yourself. The Biggest Barrier to Effective Content Marketing The biggest barrier to effective content marketing...

  3. So... You Think SEO Has Changed?

    What Penguin did was eliminate the value of low-quality links that never should have counted anyway. And, because it's hard to measure ROI in links, it typically wasn't the first choice for a lot of marketers who couldn't explain the value of those...

  4. How Personalizing Websites With Dynamic Content Increases Engagement

    Cookie Value (can be customized based on pages visited or time on site) It's a more targeted approach that's been proven to be much more effective. You have to create dynamic web experiences that quickly encourage customers to convert.

  5. Video Helps Persuade 73% of People to Buy a Product or Service [Survey]

    The findings also show that videos hold tremendous value for driving brand awareness throughout the purchase process as well as post-purchase engagement: percent of respondents find video helpful in comparison shopping.percent of respondents find...

  6. Top 8 Google Analytics Reports for Managing Organic SEO Campaigns

    What value was created? Engagement: Are people engaging in a way that adds value? Convincing the C-Suite: The Most Effective Analytics to Support your Campaigns Now that we've entered the age of Hummingbird, there's no room for marketing hunches...