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  1. Google in 1998: New Easter Egg Takes You Back in Time

    To celebrate its 15th birthday, Google decided to share a neat Easter egg showing how Google used to look in 1998. To see it for yourself, go to Google and type "google in 1998" (without the quotes) into the search box.

  2. 6 Things We Learned From Marissa Mayer and Mark Zuckerberg at TechCrunch Disrupt 2013

    Day 3 of TechCrunch Disrupt 2013, the world's largest hackathon, was quite electrifying. After being here for three days, you could definitely feel the energy spike (and security too) as two influential speakers were set to appear.

  3. Multi-Channel Analytics: An Interview With SES San Francisco Speaker Andrew Edwards

    Victoria Edwards: What is convergence analytics? Another expert that I had the pleasure of interviewing was Andrew Edwards, who is the managing partner at Efectyv Marketing. Andrew Edwards: Convergence analytics is an emerging field that takes up...

  4. Why Social Media Listening is Important for Brands

    Are you missing out on opportunities to increase sales and ROI, or to increase media value, awareness, and virality? You just might be. If you're running social media for your business, you must listen to your consumers and respond quickly in order...

  5. Social, SEO & Content: How to Create a Potent Integrated Marketing Campaign

    How much time and money should a business invest in social media? That was the initial question posed by Matt Bailey (@mattbaileysays) as he began his 4 Steps to Building an Integrated Online Marketing Campaign session at SES New York last week.

  6.’s Top Question of 2012: Will Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Get Back Together?

    John Edwards. Was John Edwards found guilty? Spoiler alert: apparently, yes. At least for now. The big question now: is KStew pregnant with the spawn of RPatz? Will they name their unborn and potentially immortal child Renesmee?

  7. iPhone Tops Web and Mobile Searches on Yahoo in 2011

    John Edwards This year, the iPhone was the top search of the year, a spot held by the BP oil spill last year and the always entertaining Miss Britney Spears for four years, from 2005 to 2008. There are 17 different versions of Yahoo’s Year in...

  8. Facebook and Google Execs Equally Suck at Social Media

    Interestingly, Douglas Edwards, former Googler and author of "I'm Feeling Lucky" about his time with the company, posted to Google+ that many of the executives are just too busy. If they were doing any of those things elsewhere, I'd say it's a...