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  1. SearchDay | My Wife, the Editor

    SEO Link Building Fundamentals BY THE NUMBERS Link building is often a slow and arduous process that unfolds over a long period of time. Stop In-House SEO Disasters Now! Though we don't do it enough, hat's off to the in-house SEO practitioners...

  2. SearchDay | A Tale of Two Links

    Don't hire an SEO or begin SEO work on your own without validating that it's the right course of action. Use Care When Choosing an SEO Agency BY THE NUMBERS The increasing awareness about what SEO is and what it can do is a good thing.

  3. SearchDay | Would You Endorse this Web Site?

    SEO Reporting: Going Beyond Rankings SEM CROSSFIRE Enterprise-level SEO provides consistently outstanding ROI over the life of the project. YouTube-ery: Online Videos as Learning and Marketing Tools SEM.EDU YouTube is user-generated content at...

  4. SEO Training: Live and In-Person

    You'll likely find the extra expense and minor inconvenience pays off in personal SEO (define) classroom training courses. This in-depth SEO course also comes with a three-month subscription offer to their proprietary SEO tool called SEOToolset.