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  1. Is This the End of AdWords Editor?

    No changes to AdWords Editor tool. While updates to the AdWords interface come out frequently, AdWords Editor continues to be left behind with the same functionality. Google created an easy how-to application with AdWords, but with Editor, the...

  2. Guest Blog Network PostJoint Confirms Google Penalty

    Editor's note: For more information, see our follow-up post: PostJoint Google Penalty Fallout Continues. When you search for their name, you won't find the company in Google's organic results, but you will see a very poor quality AdWords ad.

  3. 26 Free Must-Have Tools for PPC Success

    A few of us old-timers remember life before AdWords Editor. With Adwords Editor and its many bulk editing features, those days disappeared. While Bing Ads Editor isn't as robust as AdWords Editor, it's still a must-have PPC tool for those using...

  4. 2014 AdWords Wishlist

    Campaign and ad group IDs, and ad parameters in AdWords Editor. Unfortunately I can't make bulk changes to things like ad group names, because then there is no way to upload that back into AdWords Editor with the tool totally aware which group has...

  5. Top Tips for Social PPC Success From the Experts

    It only works on Chrome and acts a lot like AdWords Editor for Facebook. Create and manage audiences in Facebook Power Editor to run and test ads with specific messaging for specific demographic groups," said James Svoboda of Web Ranking.

  6. Major Search Engines and Directories

    Tip: try to submit to a category that has an editor. In addition, Baidu offers PPC which, similar to AdWords, is displayed at the top or right of the standard results. The majority of Google's revenue is derived from their AdWords and AdSense...

  7. PPC in 10 Minutes Per Day

    You may want to use AdWords Editor for this – it's faster to make bulk changes there. Quickly look at your ad copy tests to find obvious winners (you'll probably want to use AdWords Editor for this). And yet, we still have campaigns to manage on a...

  8. AdWords Ad Group Mobile Bid Adjustments Are Here

    These new changes are also active through AdWords Editor, for those AdWords customers using the editor to create, edit and manage their AdWords ads. Google AdWords announced that they have begun the rollout of their new ad group level mobile...

  9. Product Listing Ads: How to Maximize Your Returns

    Using AdWords Editor or the API you can even include these in your feed and synchronize them automatically. Link your Merchant Center account to AdWords, and you're ready to start showing the nice product specific ads with images and prices included.

  10. We Need More Full Stack SEOs

    In the morning of the next day you might be trying get a hold of the editor of the lifestyle section of the Seattle Times and in the afternoon you are creating seven ad variations for a Google AdWords campaign, and that same night you and the CEO...

  11. PPC Bid Management: Are You Managing Bids Efficiently?

    Desktop Tools – AdWords Editor, Bing Ads Editor, Facebook Power Editor Google AdWords Bulk Operations > Automated Rules Native Interface – Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. Google AdWords Conversion Optimizer