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  1. 5 Vital Facebook Reports Every Community Manager Should Know

    This report gives a good look at how you’re doing when it comes to the “Weight” variable of the EdgeRank algorithm. The best community managers are likeable, yes, but they also use data to learn about their existing and potential community as well...

  2. New Facebook Feed Lowers Post Impressions, Increases Likes & Comments [Study]

    An early-stage study from EdgeRank shows the Facebook's new "hybrid feed" is decreasing the exposure of posts while increasing post interaction. Their worries held some water; according to a study by EdgeRank, which examined data from over 3,500...

  3. Facebook F8 Wrapup: Timeline, Ticker, GraphRank for Users & Marketers

    We asked for clarification on GraphRank and its effect for Pages and were informed it does not apply to Pages at all; they still fall under the EdgeRank algorithm. Pretty, shiny, flashy new Facebook aims to curate your entire life on a single page.

  4. Facebook Ranking Factors: How to Gain an Edge in the News Feed

    When asked about the click-through rate of links counting toward your EdgeRank score, Facebook staff hinted CTR isn't measured now, and that those metrics could be included in your external likes as well as your link-share within the Facebook domain.