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Edge Cutting

  1. Content Marketing Put a Man on the Moon, What Can it Do For You?

    Cutting-edge, mission-critical, innovative, best-of-breed gobbledygook words and phrases suck for SEO. It began with President John F. Kennedy standing before Congress in 1961 and made it a goal to put a man on the moon before the decade was over.

  2. Google's Patrick Thomas Talks Controversial Content Ahead of SES San Francisco Keynote

    ET, so register now to take advantage of up to $400 in savings and experience cutting-edge online marketing. As of 2013, that number is closer to 60 trillion unique URLs, according to Patrick Thomas, a specialist on Google's User Policy team and...

  3. Fortune 500 Social Media: 77% Active on Twitter; 70% on Facebook

    Not to say that there aren't some fantastic cutting edge social media strategist with stellar results for Fortune 500 companies, but it's definitely not that common. It's been no secret that some Fortune 500 companies are a little behind the times...