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Economy Stupid

  1. Eggs and Baskets: How Second Life's Facebook Marketing Has Backfired

    In order to keep the economy moving they have to keep churn going, as newer accounts tend to shop more (after all, they don't have enormous inventories already bursting to the seams with stuff), and old ones for various reasons slip away.

  2. 7 Reasons Why Google Instant Makes SEO Dead-on Relevant

    It's this economy of attention that everyone is trading on. Users Are Not Stupid Matt Cutts and Vanessa Fox were quick to respond and steer the discussion away from hysteria. Nonetheless, to give credit to where credit is due, Rubel honed in on the...

  3. Socialnomics: It's a People Driven Economy, Stupid.

    In 1992, James Carville coined the phrase "It's the economy, stupid. That is why nearly two decades later we are taking liberty with Carville's famous quote by adjusting it to: "It's a people-driven economy, stupid.

  4. SearchDay | The End of the Beginning

    As the economy opens the door of opportunity for many people who have lost their jobs, more small businesses are turning to local search. Search Engine Optimization in a Down Economy SEW EXPERTS: AU NATURAL During the last downturn, we witnessed...

  5. An Open Letter to Retailers Concerning Black Friday

    People are more desperate than ever now that the economy has tanked. People are stupid and there's nothing funny about people killing each other for bargains. We're living in a world that allows stupid people to take free money to buy houses they...

  6. Dana Todd and Sarah Holoubek on SEMPO at SES NY 2008

    And ClickZ Expert Kevin Lee added his two cents in a column entitled, “It's the PPC Search Economy, Stupid! Kevin Newcomb also covered the results of the survey in a post entitled, “Search Spend Seems Healthy Despite Slowing Economy.

  7. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    The Emerging Search Economy. Yes, I know, stupid beyond belief, but it's done now. Concerns Over New Google Tool High Rankings Forum I have given Google exactly Zero permission to do anything with My Visitors and My Customers once they've reached...