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  1. The Evolution of Guest Blogging: Where Does it Stand in 2014 and Beyond?

    There are many different kinds of writing available to content marketers, from in-depth content like ebooks or white papers to quick blog posts meant to entertain and delight. Invest in writing longer works, such as books, ebooks, and white papers.

  2. 8 Tips for Building Your Internal Content Marketing Strategy

    If you have a small internal content team tasked with creating content – from blog posts, to scripts, to billboards, to ebooks, to animated cartoons and beyond – you have to be smart about where you're spending your time and what you're working on.

  3. How to Create Compelling Content Based on Learning Styles

    Ebooks – especially if well designed Long form written content (e.g.ebooks, whitepapers) Ebooks Teach them to act or play their respective sports by showing them how to do it and they would quickly become more lost than an agoraphobic at a protest...

  4. 15 Ways to Make Small Budget Content Creation & Marketing Work

    Publishing whitepapers, eBooks and regular quality article creation will help build that association. While time will undoubtedly be spent drilling down into a multi-faceted digital strategy plan, necessity should dictate that at the very heart of...