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Ebay Inc

  1. Infographic Search & Data Visualization Tools Launch Publicly

    Those partners include "The Atlantic,, eBay, Inc. In the world of a highly visual web, data has remained largely static and visually uninteresting. aims to change that with extensive infographic aggregation and a set of...

  2. SearchDay | Will Social Networks Become the New Inbox?

    Has eBay Hit The Wall Or Is The Economy The Reason Posted by Frank Watson Dec 26, 2008 Motley Fool has reported that holiday spending at eBay this year is lower than last year, despite the fact that one would expect them to be a good source of...

  3. Incentives Work: Microsoft Seeing Positive Results from Cashback Program; Partners with Shopping Cart Providers

    There's been a 30% increase in the number of products offered via Cashback.million unique users per month are generating 68 million commercial queries.eBay has seen an increase of 50% on their ROI. That may be why Microsoft is expanding Cashback by...

  4. Microsoft Launches Live Search Cashback and Live Search Farecast

    We're happy to be partnering with Microsoft on this innovative program,” said John Donahoe, president and CEO of eBay Inc. Key partners include top Internet retailers eBay, Barnes &,, Sears,, and WPP.