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Easter Egg Media

  1. Tearing Apart Killer Marketing Tactics From Shark Week

    A very cool 'easter egg' on the Twitter page is that a shark is hidden to the very far right of the background graphics. Can social media's growth transfer over well into TV viewership and web views? Perhaps social media's real-time feature has...

  2. Google Analytics, Conversion Tracking & Single Segment Reporting Power

    An interesting Easter egg here is that we can see some of the actual YouTube user profiles that converted. Unfortunately in this era of social media, "direct" traffic can mean more that typing the URL into the browser bar or using a local bookmark.

  3. SearchDay: Can Google Predict the Next President?

    Google Maps Easter Egg Discovered Posted by Kevin Heisler Jun 26, 2008 Google Maps features a very funny Google Easter Egg: If you ask for directions from an address in Australia to an address in the USA the ever helpful "Get directions" tool...