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  1. Microsoft Online Services Division Sees Loss from Stronger Dollar, Weaker Online Ads

    Quarterly net income declined 29% to $3.05 billion Their quarterly earnings were painful. earnings plus non-search and non-tech earnings seemed to show that perhaps the we've-seen-the-bottom pundits just might be right after all.

  2. Releases 4th Quarter 2008 Earnings

    We are bullish for 2009, projecting approximately $50 million in overall revenue and a return to net income for the entire year," said Heath Clarke, chairman and CEO. has released its fourth quarter 2008 earnings.

  3. Search a Bright Spot for Yahoo, too

    Not counting those charges, Yahoo would have met analyst expectations with $238 million in net income, or $0.17 per share. Last week, Microsoft reported earnings, and announced that even amid job cuts in other areas, the company would continue to...

  4. SearchDay | The Organic and Paid Balancing Act

    Microsoft's Net Income Increases by 2% Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 24, 2008 Microsoft announced its earnings for the fiscal quarter ending September 30, 2008. Their net income increased by 2%. AdWords API Gets an Update and Extra Quota Posted by...

  5. Yahoo Q3 2008 Earnings: It Ain't Pretty

    Operating income for the third quarter of 2008 includes incremental costs of $37 million incurred for outside advisors related to Microsoft's proposals to acquire all or a part of the Company, other strategic alternatives, including the Google...

  6. Microsoft Earnings Key Takeaways: Where's the Search?

    Microsoft reported $4.4 billion in net income for the quarter. Microsoft's online services business increased revenue 40 percent to $843 million, including $143 million from aQuantive, which added 96 new publishers this quarter to the Atlas...

  7. Search Headlines & Links: October 18, 2006

    That along with falling $1.14 billion short of Wall Streets expectations in revenues earned and a drop in net income by 37.5 percent, has sent Yahoo's stock downwards again. Yahoo announced 3rd quarter earnings yesterday, so I figured I share...