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Early Adopter

  1. More Than 100,000 Sellers Have Inventory in New Google Shopping Model

    Handmade arts and crafts site Etsy is one of those early-adopter marketplaces. Since they announced the transition to a paid model for Product Search results in May, Google has worked hard to drive merchants to the new program.

  2. Is Twitter a Google Killer? Not Yet

    I pay attention to these things, and because of my involvement in the industry, I guess I'm probably an early adopter (earlier than the typical person). My initial involvement in the Interactive industry came when I started working at Lycos, back...

  3. Searching for Something to Watch

    Or worse: the ultimate early adopter move -- networking your computer to your TV. The one thing that keeps this from really busting out of the early adopter phase is the form factor. Early devices like AppleTV and Roku point the way, while January...

  4. Blog Content Influences Consumer Buying Behavior

    But that gives them an advantage from a marketing perspective – the medium has matured and moved from early adopter phase to the mainstream. New market research has found that blog readers are strongly influenced by blog content when it comes to...