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  1. How and When to Use 301 Redirects vs. Canonical

    This post will focus on the two main methods of managing the redirection of a single page on your website – the 301 redirect and the rel="canonical" attribute – to conquer duplicate content issues, sustain your rankings, and improve user experience.

  2. Top Google Website Optimization Resources

    Google helps you to improve the user experience and performance by reporting duplicate meta descriptions, missing title tags, and non-indexable content among other things. Webmaster Central Blog If you haven't already, subscribe to Google's...

  3. New Google Webmaster Tools Notification for Cross-Domain URL Decisions

    In their blog post announcing the change, Google offers a number of actions webmasters can take to prevent/correct duplicate content, canonicalization, server configuration, and hacking issues. When similar/duplicate content spans across domains...

  4. SearchDay: Google Mobile Advertising: Start Now

    Google Webmaster Central Blog Addresses Duplicate Content IssuesPosted by Nathania JohnsonThere are two primary types of duplicate content: that which occurs within a domain, and the kind that happens across domains.