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  1. Google Reveals New AdWords Features: App Ads, 'Enterprise' Tools, & More

    Reports can be customized and changed easily by dragging and dropping metrics into a table to avoid the importing, exporting, and formatting of data in spreadsheets extracted from AdWords. Jerry Dischler, vice president of product management for...

  2. 2 Essential Pivot Table Skills for Marketers: Summarizing Data and Calculated Fields

    Turning off GETPIVOTDATA lets you do simple, quick calculations without dragging the entire hemisphere into the matter. Today we're going a half-step beyond the basics of setting up a pivot table, by exposing "must-know skills" for digital marketers.

  3. Sequencing the DNA of the Perfect Comment [Study]

    People also much preferred comments that were written with clarity, with obfuscatory or rambling comments dragging the scores downwards quite sharply. A recent study examined the contribution of comments to the readers' experience, and by...

  4. Top 5 Reasons Against Implementing a Tag Management Solution

    In addition, most vendors offer an easy to use interface that decouples the code and the business reporting requirements, making the addition of tags as easy as dragging and dropping object-oriented rules, making it literally klutz-proof (notice I...

  5. Google Accused of Being Too Slow to Derank Pirate Websites

    This means Google must stop dragging its feet and giving profile to illegal sites that it knows rip off everyone working in music. Google has been accused of not deranking so-called "piracy" websites as it promised to do.

  6. 5 Black Hat Attack Vulnerabilities & Defensive Strategies

    Another method is to use the drag and drop functionality in HTML5 to hide hidden information and trick the user into dropping and dragging this into say a form control. I just re-emerged to the world of the living from a week of sessions at Black...