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  1. Adobe Adds Cloud-Based Mobile Services

    Broad Platform Support: For app analytics, Adobe Mobile services supports native apps across iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry 10, Windows 8 and Mac OS X as well as hybrid apps created with Adobe PhoneGap and HTML5.

  2. Facebook Mobile App Install Ads: Optimize Beyond Clicks to Drive Higher ROI

    The number of unique iOS and Android mobile apps  are expected to increase 257 percent by 2017 to 200 billion, according to App Store Downloads: Though Segment 1 drove more App Install clicksfrom Facebook compared to Segment 2 at...

  3. Scroogled Rises: Microsoft Back on Attack as Google Faces New Antitrust Complaint

    The attack ads coincide with another European antitrust complaint orchestrated by Microsoft relating to Google's Android software. FairSearch Europe: Android is a 'Trojan Horse' Fairsearch Europe, which describes itself as "organization united to...

  4. Google Kicks Ad Blocking Android App Out of Google Play Store

    The app developer told The INQUIRER that in late February Google began forcing Android users to manually configure a proxy server in order to run Adblock Plus, and last December Google recategorized Adblock Plus in the Chrome web store and stopped...

  5. Google Mobile App Analytics Measures Acquisition, Engagement, Outcomes & More

    App tracking is available for both Android and iOS apps using the same tracking code. Which hardware and Android versions are more commonly used (and which are less common. You’ll be able to get reports with better upstream acquisition information...

  6. FTC on Mobile Apps: Will Android, Apple Please Think of the Children?

    FTC staff examined offerings in the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace, evaluating the apps specifically marketed for children, ranging from books, memory games and stories to flash cards and puzzles.

  7. Google Mobile News Roundup: Android Security, Avoid Traffic, Emergency Numbers & More

    The Navigation app for Android uses real-time traffic conditions to determine your driving route (North America and Europe only). In total, 58 malicious apps were found in the Android Market and downloaded 260,000 times.

  8. Google Acquires Security Firm Zynamics Same Day Android Apps Hit by Malware

    The Trojan-infected apps (all of which were published by Myournet to the Android Market and were downloaded up to 200,000 times in four days) attempted to gain root access to users' devices, gathering a wide range of available personal information...

  9. Google Analytics, Conversion Tracking & Single Segment Reporting Power

    For instance, a click from a Twitter App on your Mac or Android phone will show as direct. Android Conversion Be it a lead-generated, e-commerce sale tallied, free application downloaded or any other desired event, conversions are notched when a...