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Double Quotes

  1. How To Use HTML Meta Tags

    Use single quotes to avoid this issue. Quotes: Don't use full quotation marks (“”) in your description. DOUBLE CHECK! Just add meta tags and your website will magically rise to the top, right? Wrong. Meta tags are one piece in a large algorithmic...

  2. CEO Tells Wall St. Why He Invests in SEO

    There is always room to improve, but it is not by any magic tricks or any game plan that we are going to improve.all quotes courtesy of SeekingAlpha transcripts. Organic traffic continues to grow at double digits, and free traffic is always a good...

  3. The Search Engine Update - Number 162 - Dec. 2, 2003

    Those aren't exact quotes, but they capture the fact that it wasn't all softball questions, at least to me. Google Applies Double Standard to Political Vendors Accuracy In Media, Nov.