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Double Check

  1. The Ultimate List to Clean Up Your PPC Accounts for the New Year

    I'm sure you're careful to double-check all your changes, but PPC moves fast and things can get missed even with the keenest eyes – especially if multiple people work on an account. Thinking of the GDN, you should double check all of your audience...

  2. How to Find Free Images With Google's Advanced Image Search

    Just to be safe, you want to double check that the image is really "free" to use. There are tools, many free, to check usage rights, like the TinEye reverse image search, that can help you locate additional information or creative commons usage.

  3. Visual PR Secrets: Content Power Tips and Social Publishing Trends

    For a visual snapshot of the social network solar system, check out the 2013 version conversation prism by Brian Solis and Jess3. If there was a recipe for social PR news success, it would call for a dash of authentic content, a splash of vibrant...

  4. SEO Game Change: Are You Setting the Right Expectations?

    After you check yourself, if you're struggling to find an answer, take a closer look at the landscape. They didn't plan on me hitting a double; they knew I wasn't going to do a split to catch a pop-up foul like Geena Davis in “A League of Their Own”.