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Dot Bubble

  1. Search Engine Optimization in a Down Economy

    During the last downturn (the dot-com bubble), we witnessed Google become a leader in their space without much (any? This isn't just the case in the United States; this is a global financial crisis. Even those of us who work in growth industries...

  2. Economic Depression 2.0

    We've had some dips (dot-com bubble burst, 9/11), but nothing like this. We live in interesting financial times. Many pundits are pontificating and guessing about what it all means for the global economy, but what does it mean for us in the online...

  3. Yahoo Rejects Microsoft: Worst Decision Ever?

    Whether or not this 'saga' becomes the precursor of another dot-com bubble amid the whispers of recession will be seen in the next 18 months. Did Yahoo set themselves up for their ultimate demise in the search space?

  4. Information Wants to be Valuable

    The bursting of the dot-com bubble has seen the fight between free and fee grow more intense. The Internet corollary is "You can find anything on the web. Sure. Just try to find most original science, technology or medical research with your...