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  1. Landing Page Optimization: How to Identify Testing Opportunities

    This is true for all types of websites, whether you want your visitors to make a purchase or donate so you can increase revenue, download a white paper so they can learn more about a specific topic, watch a video, spend more time engaging with the...

  2. Leveraging Facebook Ads for Obscure Charity Donations

    A user deeply committed to the charity Animal Allies will be more likely to also support PETA but may not be as compelled to donate to Habitat for Humanity. Facebook has been taking strides to make targeting a breeze, almost a no-brainer, when...

  3. Leave No Marketer Behind! After Show Parties at SES San Francisco #sesSF

    Expect to pay a cover charge on the day, as this continues a tradition started by Todd Malicoat to donate all the money raised to charity. Gorgeous and sassy online marketing expert, Susan Bratton, gives a quick preview of the material she'll be...

  4. How Google Makes Its Billions: The 20 Most Expensive AdWords Keyword Categories

    Donate ( donation centers," "donating a used car"); 2.5 percent; $42.02 Insurance keywords are the most searched for on Google, making insurance the most expensive category on Google AdWords and the top PPC money-maker for Google.