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  1. 26 Free Must-Have Tools for PPC Success

    Google Drive is great for storing Google Docs and other files. I love creating shared Google Docs for internal and external use. Google Documents Google Plugin for Eclipse Google Suggest is a fun and enlightening way to do keyword research.

  2. Google Cloud Connect Extends Itself Directly Into MS Office

    Documents are shared using a button right on the toolbar, using the same familiar interface as in Google Docs. The Google Docs team recently announced Google Cloud Connect feature that allows you to share and collaboratively edit an Office document...

  3. Google Docs Glitch Shares Some Customer Info

    Google discovered a privacy glitch that inappropriately shared access to a small fraction of word-processing and presentation documents stored on the company's online Google Docs service," Cnet stated.

  4. Cloud Computing Unites Yahoo, HP, Intel

    Google has expanded its online software offerings to include word documents, spread sheets and more under the Google Docs brand. Earlier this year Google and IBM teamed up to advance research into providing SAAS (software as a service) on the...

  5. Microsoft Offers $1.2 Billion For Norwegian Search Company

    NYT reporter Steve Lohr examines the relationship of this acquisition with Google's push into the office services business with the launch of more products at Google Docs. The Olso-based company "is a specialist in search technology used inside...