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  1. A/B or Multivariate? How to Choose the Right Type of Test

    If you were to run one on the ad about, for example, you could test removing the dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) from the headline and using the call-to-action “Click to Try it”. When it comes to creative testing, the two main areas where people...

  2. Google AdWords Policies Crack Down on the Use of DKI & ‘Buy’ in Ads

    One of these policies refers to the use of dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) in paid search ads. Historically, many paid search advertisers have employed DKI liberally throughout their paid search ads. Tag all grammatically incorrect keywords as not...

  3. Killer PPC Ads: The Fundamentals

    DKI (dynamic keyword insertion) is an advanced tactics that automatically inserts the keyword into the ad. The competition isn’t kind. There are likely thousands of advertisers in your industry looking to fill that ad space with clever copy and...

  4. Dynamic Keyword Insertion: Friend or Foe?

    In a nutshell, DKI lets an advertiser designate a spot in an ad where a keyword will be inserted when a search term matches that keyword in the ad group. DKI is a powerful feature, but it is frequently misused, to the detriment of many PPC campaigns.

  5. SEW Experts: Dynamic Keyword Insertion: Friend or Foe?

    Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) can sometimes help improve ad campaign results. David Szetela shows that indiscriminate use of DKI can result in generic ad copy and diluted messages that fail to match the searcher's intent or need.