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  1. Google Search Plus Your World: The Peer to Peer Evolution Continues

    Record executives and DJs loved it. Fans told the DJs that “Hey Ya! Arista record executives and DJs eventually turned “Hey Ya! What is driving the integration of social and search? How does it work? And what’s the impact on our perception of...

  2. Local Small Businesses and Social Media Marketing

    When you click around the listing for these karaoke DJs in Pottstown, you find photos and videos have been uploaded to their profile and the videos take you right to their page on YouTube. In the past, some small businesses felt left out of the...

  3. Social Media Marketing for Small Business

    Beyond its biggest benefit (links), Digg can also be utilized to forge strategic relationships with key influencers such as reporters, DJs, and the like. Absolutely, if one factors the strengths and weaknesses of the media with the strengths...