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  1. Bloomberg and UBS clash over Sef aggregation

    Speaking later in the day, the CFTC's Vincent McGonagle, director of its division of market oversight, said the agency is now looking at the issue and implied the regulator has made up its mind about the outcome: "We are going to ask questions of...

  2. US airline wins Dodd-Frank real-time reporting delay

    In the letter, the CFTC’s Division of Market Oversight says it will not recommend taking an enforcement action against Southwest or its counterparties for taking additional time to report their long-dated oil hedges, as long as the trades are...

  3. Beneficial ownership of assets under scrutiny in divorce

    The titanic struggle between Sir Christopher Hohn and his former wife which played out in the Family Division of the High Court and across the media in the summer was a stark illustration of the dangers that divorce proceedings pose for businesses...

  4. Insurers must prove bank-style run risk worries wrong

    Scott Kipper, commissioner at the Nevada Division of Insurance, said regulatory changes since the Executive Life case, such as the introduction of guaranty fund protection for consumers "nip in the bud" the potential for bank-type runs.

  5. Strategic solutions play into Credit Suisse's strengths

    The structuring group, comprising around one hundred members of the investment bank's equities division, focuses on four key areas of activity, comprising financing, investor solutions, market-making and systematic investment strategies.

  6. The best way to manage individual CPPI, from Deutsche AWM

    The modules can be specified and combined by an insurance company to form packaged products, or they can be offered to individuals to tailor a policy for themselves," says Patrick Felgenhauer, co-head of retirement solutions in the asset and...

  7. UBS dominates listed products in Switzerland

    UBS has used structured products to quickly bring to market investment ideas generated by its research division. UBS made helping active managers a priority for its structured products business in Switzerland this year.

  8. The secrets of successful energy trading firms

    Using derivatives markets behind that made a lot of sense," says Paul Newman, London-based chairman of Icap Energy, who started the interdealer broker's energy division in the early 1990s. Training programmes, innovation and risk-taking among top...

  9. People: TD Bank bags Scotia Capital structuring team

    He has significantly expanded this division via acquisitions in the past year. At the start of 2005, he took over responsibility for the equities and derivatives division, which included commodity derivatives later that year.

  10. New role for Okazawa at BNPP, and other recent job moves

    In this new role, Patel will oversee all of HKEx's risk functions and head the new risk management division. Job changes in the derivatives, regulation and risk industry throughout Asia BNP Paribas has appointed Kyoya Okazawa as head of equity...

  11. 8 Lessons Learned From Owning a Search Agency for 15 Years

    In 2013, we finally sold the service/agency division of Engine Ready to BRIM Agency and here are some specific lessons I learned along the way. I’m writing this post to share some of the lessons and mistakes I learned from owning a search agency...

  12. Deutsche AWM masters India non-resident product risks

    The value of having fund derivatives in the wealth management division proved its worth when one of Deutsche's Asian clients wanted access to the US housing market, which is showing signs of buoyancy, in the most cost-efficient way.

  13. Optimizing Search and Digital Marketing With Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling [#CZLSF]

    After putting together a report of each siloed marketing tactic, the results were stunning - each division of digital marketing was claiming credit for leads that weren’t necessarily attributed to them; even worse, the real lead amount was very...