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  1. Last-Minute SEO - Here Come the Holidays!

    The Silver Lining - Diversification! While you might have missed the holiday boat, you have the opportunity to truly employ diversification techniques, which can be your shelter on a rainy day. You tell yourself, "Labor Day…Labor Day," then you...

  2. How to Diversify Your PPC Campaigns – and Your Skill Sets at the Same Time

    Diversification serves as a defensive tactic by spreading out your traffic to various campaigns. The campaign diversification process is filled with bumps, potholes, and even landmines. Below is a quick plan to get your diversification process...

  3. A Strategy Map for Google Display Network Success

    GDN Strategy Diversification However, with this much impression inventory, it’s also possible to generate a lot of spend with a poor ROI. To avoid crashing and burning on the GDN you need to establish a solid campaign structure foundation.

  4. Google ‘Search Plus’ and Our Ever Decreasing Circles

    Such social networks therefore act as a “filter bubble” – an enclosed world of ringfenced content and experience – with the conclusion being this negatively impacts discovery, diversification, originality, conflicting opinion, healthy debate and...