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Div Tags

  1. Structured Data First Steps: Adding Schema Location Markup to Your Website

    You can see above that because the "LocalBusiness" and "PostalAddress" schemas are structured differently, they have different div tags. One dropped < /div> and we have a mess on our hands. Word will add junk to our code that will hinder validation...

  2. Adobe Launches SEO Technology Center for Flash

    They explain that this could be done via hidden DIV tags, which they admit is considered to be hidden text by some, and may get you banned by Google if you're not showing the same content there as you are in the Flash file.

  3. Weapons of Mass Optimization

    Take a look at any large site and you will see machine-generated white spaces, poorly closed tables, div tags and my favorite, meaningless comment tags. It is obvious that a site with millions of products cannot be manually managed on a product-by...