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  1. Image & Multimedia Search Complaints

    The decision comes in the case of Kelly versus Arriba Soft (Ditto). When AltaVista launched its Photo Finder service in late 1998, it upset a number of artists. Since then, there have been complaints against AltaVista's service and similar...

  2. Image Search Faces Renewed Legal Challenge

    Unfortunately, Google doesn't recognize this tag for its multimedia spider, while AltaVista and Ditto use different variations. That tells AltaVista and Google (via noimageindex) and Ditto (via nomediaindex) not to index any images that appear on...

  3. Image Search Faces Renewed Legal Challenge

    Ditto argued this was not true, given that the actual images were not provided to the public, only smaller "thumbnail" images. In Kelly's original suit, he alleged that Ditto was infringing his copyright by making copies of his images.