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District Court Judge

  1. Another Loss for Viacom in Endless YouTube Copyright Legal Battle

    District Court Judge Louis Stanton has confirmed, once again, that YouTube operates well within the rules of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and therefore is protected by safe harbor. Google-owned video-sharing site YouTube has handed Viacom...

  2. Failure to Comply: Judge Orders Google to Reveal Paid Media Relationships

    District Court Judge William Alsup said Google "failed to comply" with his order of August 7 in the firm's patent litigation with enterprise database and applications vendor Oracle. Google has been given clarification and a deadline of Friday to...

  3. Google Seeks Ban on iPhone, iPad in Patent Lawsuit

    District Court, and the ITC is due to make a decision on 24 August as to whether Apple infringes on a Motorola WiFi patent. Court of Appeals judge Richard Posner dismissed patent infringement claims from both Apple and Motorola in the U.S.

  4. Facebook Settles Privacy Lawsuit, Buys Facial Recognition Company

    District Judge Lucy Koh said the plaintiffs had shown economic injury could occur through Facebook's use of their names, photographs, and likenesses. Five Facebook members brought the case forward, though nearly one in three U.S.citizens could have...

  5. Google NSA Relationship Secrecy Continues Despite Courts Efforts

    Court of Appeals for the District of Colombia. Wired reported that Judge Janice Rogers Brown, in a 3-0 opinion, sided with the government’s contention that acknowledging any records “might reveal whether the NSA investigated the threat,” or “deemed...

  6. YouTube-Viacom Copyright Lawsuit Resurrected by Appeals Court Ruling

    We conclude that the District Court correctly held that the safe harbor requires knowledge or awareness of specific infringing activity, but we vacate the order granting summary judgment because a reasonable jury could find that YouTube had actual...

  7. Oracle Rejects Google’s $3 Million Offer to Settle Patent Dispute

    District Court Judge William Alsup, seen by the AFP. The web giant had offered Oracle less than 1 percent of Android revenue, but Oracle has already rejected the offer for being too low, according to reports citing a court document filed on Tuesday.

  8. Last Ditch Efforts to Halt New Google Privacy Policy

    District Judge Amy Jackson didn’t agree, and basically told EPIC it isn’t the court’s job to tell agencies like the FTC how to do their job. A federal court dismissed a lawsuit the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) brought against the U.S.

  9. Judge Orders ALL Search Engines, Social Networks to De-index Seized Websites

    Some feel this judge was extending well beyond his jurisdiction for a District Court ruling by handing control of hundreds of sites (owned by webmasters across the globe) and a chunk of the Google index (property of a California-based business...

  10. Security and Responsibility on the Virtual Frontier

    District Court, Western District of Washington, case number 01CR00310RSL- and this information is public- call them yourself if you want) was submitted alleging that zFire (Mike Prime) had violated his conditions of supervision by:

  11. SEO Fined More Than Site Owner of Counterfeit Merchandise Site

    District Court for South Carolina ordered Bright Builders to pay $770,750 in statutory damages and Christopher Prince, owner of the web site, $28,250, according to lawyers for the plaintiff, Cleveland Golf Company Inc," InternetRetailer noted.