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Discount Stores

  1. Ecommerce Title Tags: Top 5 Ways to Increase Clicks

    Bluefly, a designer discount site, highlights the potential savings of shopping the site, right within the title tag. For example, not all stores sell furniture online, or if they do, the delivery or shipping costs are prohibitively expensive.

  2. 4 Opportunities to Successfully Optimize the Full Conversion Funnel

    It could be free shipping, a promo code, or a site wide discount. Maybe you want them to view a list of stores in their area. On the buy side, or “in-engine,” we most famously optimize bids in order to move position up or down based on efficiency...

  3. PriceGrabber's Holiday Consumer Spending Forecast: How Full or Empty is Your Glass?

    The top 3 ways consumers plan to save are: research and comparison shop online (70%) shop at discount stores (50%) use online coupons (39%). If you have a clearance, discount or outlet part of your e-commerce site, you'll want to promote it.of...

  4. E-mail Marketing Tips for Small Business

    You can tack a source code onto the click-through that activates a JavaScript ad on the pages they visit that reinforces the discount -- without giving every single shopper to your site the same discount.

  5. Link Building with Customers, Part 2

    Think of how many discount/membership cards people carry around that range from grocery stores to DVD rentals. Remember, consumers will give up a great deal of personal information for a discount. This applies to all kinds of local businesses, such...