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  1. Weekly Rundown: Lost Google Image Search Traffic, Facebook Search Ads & More

    Software must: be pre-approved by Google; offer one-click, complete uninstall; provide clear, full disclosure and transparency to people about what is being installed and what changes are being made to their devices; install itself on only one...

  2. SEMPO Appeals to FTC for Updated Search Engine Disclosure Guidelines

    We understand that the FTC's Consumer Protection Bureau is now looking closely at the issue of search labeling transparency and is strongly considering a formal review of compliance with the 2002 guidelines for search engine disclosure concerning...

  3. Microsoft's Net Income Increases by 2%

    Microsoft's ability to attract and retain talented employees; delays in product development and related product release schedules; significant business investments that may not gain customer acceptance and produce offsetting increases in revenue...

  4. Search Marketers' Wish Lists

    Only with this level of disclosure will we be able to stop the fraud that occurs not just in search but also in display advertising. But when you back them up against advertiser and consumer needs, they are developed out of sync.