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Directory Structure

  1. Link Building on Partial Keyword Combinations

    As you can see the structure of your website is key to get this done effectively, but getting the right links directed at the right place is even more important. This way a job portal can help a business directory and an airline can help a car...

  2. Panda DNA: Algorithm Tests on the Google Panda Update

    It seems partly based on internal navigation structure and similarities in page templates. Sites with no previous links were affected first; then came the ones with just directory links to them; and finally the ones with various government links...

  3. How to Find the Best Internal Site Pages Based on PageRank and Backlinks

    Try the following query, based on the directory's URL structure: Use the following query, depending on the site's blog URL structure: If you're building links via article marketing, and want to see which articles have done the best, use the...

  4. NHLPA Starts SEO From Scratch To Up Its Game on Google

    Intuitively, to the business owner and web designer, the current structure seems to make sense. A way to assess the overall quality, uniqueness and relevance of your title tag structure is to perform a command on Google.