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  1. SearchDay | Putting the 'Search' in Research

    ABC News Nightline Story Looks at NACA's Save the Dream Tour Posted by Greg Jarboe Sep 8, 2009 Last night, the incredible success of the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) was featured on Nightline on ABC News.

  2. SES New York is a Search Expo as well as an SEM Conference

    Today Ingenio partners with leading providers in Web and mobile search, online directories, vertical content, and directory assistance to deliver live phone leads to any type of business. But the must-attend industry event is a search expo, as well.

  3. Local Search Tactics for Tough Economic Times

    Mobile/Directory Assistance: The free directory assistance area has grown rapidly since I wrote about it in "Voice Search: Mobile Tactic Here. Local Listing Management: Google Maps, Yahoo Local, and thousands of other sites utilize local directory...

  4. Making the Most of Your Local Search Marketing Dollars

    Directory assistance: 2 percent According to Nielsen Mobile, 411 directory assistance was the most popular mobile search format used among mobile users at the end of last year. Part of this mobile revolution is ad-supported directory assistance or...

  5. The Local Advertiser of Today and Tomorrow

    Directory assistance: 2 percent I began writing for Search Engine Watch last year about the benefits and tactics for unlocking the local search space. It's more important than ever to research opportunities and adapt local search into your overall...

  6. Avoid the Pitfalls of Mobile Marketing

    Considering these facts, it's easy to see why opportunities such as ad-supported directory assistance are being dubbed as the "Killer Mobile App. In fact, according to Nielsen Mobile, 411 Directory Assistance was the most popular mobile search...

  7. YPA Adds Mobile to Local Search Guide

    The Local Search Guide provides information on Internet Yellow Pages, search engines, search tools, vertical directories, and now profiles local mobile tools including voice-based search and free directory assistance providers.

  8. Voice Search: Mobile Tactic Here. Now. 2DAY.

    Yet, a very old offering is hot once again: directory assistance (DA). Wireless carriers have been making a handsome profit delivering directory assistance searches to mobile consumers. Mobile has long been called marketers' next emerging opportunity.

  9. Copyright Law: What Search Marketers Should Know (Part 1)

    It can be created and sent in-house without requiring any legal assistance. Directory of Service Providers Agents for Claims Infringement Notifications They may be the victim, finding their own optimized content duplicated without permission and...

  10. Real World Trumps Online in Local Search

    The ad is suppressed from directory assistance databases, as well as other advertising sources such as Yellow Pages and White Pages. What leads people down the purchasing funnel remains one of life’s greatest mysteries.