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  1. How to Eventually Become a Millionaire Using Your SEO Knowledge

    Revenue Share Therefore offering a share of their revenue from SEO traffic allows them to keep the cost within limits and ensures very motivated SEO firms. For the SEO firm it is often smartest to keep a mix of low initial fees and a revenue share...

  2. The Hidden Skill Every PPC Manager Should Possess: Sleuthing

    Tracking pixels and URL parameters are extremely fragile and the smallest change could break their functionality and this will negatively impact conversions, sales, revenue, ROI, etc. Initially, we started with elements within our direct control...

  3. Click to Call, Cross-Device Conversions Deliver AdWords Revenue Lift for 1-800-Flowers

    The results showed up to a 10 percent lift in overall AdWords revenue coming from click to call. A lot of poor decisions we see on CTC campaigns are a direct result of not having the proper instrumentation in place to accurately measure conversions.

  4. Matt Cutts Says 'Stop' Guest Blogging for SEO: Here's Everything You Need to Know

    Investigate how those direct referral traffic is actually performing for you, in terms of page views, bounce rates, conversions, and revenue. It is just that now webmasters need to look at guest blogging as simply a vehicle to get the direct...

  5. 5 Steps to Building a Results-Driven Multi-Channel Plan for 2014

    Measuring visits, engagement and revenue provide a holistic perspective of what works as a guiding force for future activity. In the revenue by channel report, you see that Facebook yielded 0.28 percent of annual revenue during this period.

  6. How to Convert One-Time Customers Into Repeat or Lifetime Customers

    To mitigate the valley that usually follows your seasonal peak, you're probably looking to generate more sales and revenue. Direct marketing: This is the old guard in this list but you should certainly consider direct marketing as a tool for...

  7. How to Use PPC Data to Guide SEO Strategy in a '(Not Provided)' World

    Revenue is always a good indication that people like what they see. Note: "(not provided)" shouldn't be confused with the issue of iOS 6 organic traffic showing up as direct. As "(not provided)" creeps its way up to 100 percent, so does the lack of...