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  1. Testing Apple iPad Tablet in New Rutgers Mini-MBA Digital Marketing Program

    Image by SESConferenceSeries via Flickr Initially, students in the Rutgers Digital Marketing Mini-MBA courses will use the iPads to intereact with each other and the professors on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube.

  2. The Telegraph Integrates SEO into Editorial Process, Boosting Online Readership

    Image by SESConferenceSeries via Flickr Julian Sambles, Head of Audience Development at the Telegraph, is a SEO and digital marketing specialist. He was previously Head of Online operations, working alongside the Editorial, Commercial and Technical...

  3. PRWeek/PR Newswire Media Survey Finds Digital Divide Between Journalists and Bloggers

    Image by SESConferenceSeries via Flickr It highlighted the key findings of the "2010 PRWeek/PR Newswire Media Survey. The survey, sponsored by PR Newswire, polled a total of 1,568 traditional and non-traditional media and, for the first time, 1,670...

  4. Scott Brown beat Martha Coakley on YouTube, too

    Image by SESConferenceSeries via Flickr Expect a lively, free-flowing discussion about how the parties are using search and display advertising, social media, and other digital tools, techniques, and platforms - and how they're measuring the...