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  1. Google Catalogs Annotations: How to Enrich the Consumer Experience & Track Results

    Q: Where does a publisher who is considering the Google Catalog platform look to find the breakdown of visits (or percentage of visits) by category to see if people are really using Google Catalogs for to shop for more guy type stuff such as...

  2. YouTube TrueView Ads Pump Up Search Traffic, Conversions for TRX

    Over the last decade, the lightweight, portable, and innovative Suspension Training equipment and exercise programs have changed how pro and amateur athletes train for sport, improved the way soldiers maintain combat readiness, and transformed the...

  3. SearchDay: Yahoo Rejects Microsoft: Worst Decision Ever?

    House of Representatives passed a bill that would allow for forfeiture of property such as computers and other equipment used by convicted copyright infringers. Optimization by Numbers» OUTSOURCED: The inside scoop on life at an SEM agencyWhile...

  4. SES NYC Day 2 Keynote - Nick Carr "The Big Switch"

    Currently most companies maintain local data-centers to support their operations at an ever increasing cost (with I.T.labor growing from 5% to 45% of total capital equipment budgets between 1968 and 2000).

  5. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    SEO As Standard Equipment. Yahoo Advertising on Google Digital Point Forums PPC [Pay Per Click” And Affiliate Marketing, Will It Last? High Rankings Forum We all know that sight - you type in 'buy widget' and wham up come 4 Ebay affiliates on the...