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  1. Yandex & Google: A Big Change for Russia's Display Ad Market

    One of the fastest growing trends currently in digital marketing is real-time bidding. Aegis Media's Director of Digital Communications, Andrey Chernishov, predicts that the whole RTB media spend in Russia will amount to about 15 percent until 2015.

  2. SEMPO Salary Survey 2013: Average Salary Drops Due to Influx of New Search Professionals

    It's noteworthy, though, that the amount of time these search professionals spent on many of the digital marketing categories remained flat. In addition, more companies realize that consumer's online research process starts with organic search, so...

  3. Protecting Your Online Brand – Don’t Forget Your Nicknames

    However, the website address is currently owned by a digital marketing agency, still yet to build its website. If you're nickname is indeed taken over by a cybersquatter, it can be a very costly legal process to claim back that domain...