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  1. Google–British Library Partnership to Digitize 250,000 Books

    Google will then take and digitize those works, making them available for non-commercial use to anyone who cares to take a gander on Google Books. The British Library will also keep a permanent digital archive of the files and make the content...

  2. Daily SearchCast, Nov. 22, 2005: Google & Library Of Congress Team On World Digital Library; Google Growth & Growth Issues; Yahoo Gains Famed AltaVista Alumnus Broder; Search Gains In Popularity

    World Digital Library project to digitize important works from around the world, the rival and preexisting Open Content Alliance backed by Yahoo, MSN and the Birth Of the Open Content Alliance, The "Un-Google" Project

  3. Details about Europe's i2010 Digital Libraries Program Emerge

    According to an EC announcement on Friday, the aim of the project is to digitize and preserve records of Europe's heritage--including books, film fragments, photographs, manuscripts, speeches and music--and make it available online to all European...

  4. Forget Google Print Copyright Infringement; Search Engines Already Infringe

    Google is presuming the authority to digitize many works whose copyright owners have not taken that step, and given the ease with which digital files can be duplicated and further transmitted, may have good reason for deciding not to do so.