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  1. Google Wins Book Lawsuit: Judge Rules Digitization Service 'Fair Use'

    As we have long said, Google Books is in compliance with copyright law and acts like a card catalog for the digital age, giving users the ability to find books to buy or borrow. Google has emerged victorious in its eight-year battle for its Books...

  2. Halloween Inspired SEO Tricks to Keep Spiders at Bay

    When you get a chance to do so, go ahead and “splog” other’s guest books and forums. This Halloween, I’ve decided to produce an antithetical essay to my digital morals and beliefs by way of parody and embrace the dark side of search engine spoofs.

  3. SES San Francisco Digital Swag: Bing Ads Insights, Marketing E-Books & More

    Attendees at SES San Francisco 2013 had the opportunity to snap up books, shirts, bags and other assorted goodies from sponsors, exhibitors and speakers. Even if you couldn't make it to the City by the Bay, you can still take advantage of these...

  4. Yandex: Queries Now Influence Search Results, Suggestions 'Within Seconds'

    When Yandex updated the knowledge of users’ interests once per day, they started to understand the more-or-less stable interests, such as a love of books or sports, or that they spoke Russian and lived in Saint Petersburg.

  5. Guy Kawasaki Talks Content Marketing, Social & Google+

    Consider that 130 million books have been published to date, according to a report from Mashable that used Google's algorithm to add them all up. That's according to Guy Kawasaki, the New York Times bestselling author of "Enchantment" and 11 other...

  6. Jybe Concierge Search Agent Discovers Restaurants & Suggests Dinner

    If you don't already know what books to read, films to watch or what to eat on the menu, explicit query led research into this is likely to be extremely tedious and frustrating on a mobile device. Search Technology team), Tim Converse (ex-Powerset...

  7. Google Play, YouTube & Others Getting 600+ 20th Century Fox Movies, TV Shows

    Google Play launched earlier this year as their cloud-based “digital entertainment destination” for apps, music, movies, and books. A new initiative from 20th Century Fox called The Digital HD project is bringing over 600 new movie and TV titles to...