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  1. Delving Into the Auction Insights Report

    Now we can see how performance has changed over time without having to download multiple reports with different date ranges. This means being aware of your main competitor’s strategy across different devices is incredibly important.

  2. Using Analytical Analysis to Help Improve Conversions

    Each of these user groups have different needs as well as perceptions of your site. Of course, no one likes declining sales trends or even the occurrence of just "bumping along. Where do you look for guidance, though?

  3. Spooky Google Doodles for Halloween 2014

    However, what we know as Halloween today is much different. Just as Halloween has seen some evolution over the years, so have the holiday-themed Google Doodles presented each year on the Web. To get us in the mood for this year’s ghouls, witches...

  4. Writing Your Way to the Top of Search and Social Results

    Both are possible personas for Starbucks, but both require two different types of writing style of content. QuickSprout produced an infographic to help writers understand what words work best in different social media networks:

  5. Can Groupon Break Into the Search Market?

    Though the two platforms are inherently different - Groupon being more about discovery than Yelp, where users typically have a destination - Benjamin Spiegel, managing director of strategy at GroupM, thinks Yelp has an advantage over Pages.

  6. "Which Update?" Is the Wrong Question

    At this experience level, you can’t hope to understand the complexities of what different algorithms may or may not be doing and so you need to fully vet everything. Once that’s completed, it’s time for a full review of the content and links to...

  7. seoClarity: In Mobile World, Search Result Placement Is Critical to Clicks

    What Makes This Study Different? Or do you believe the user habits to be different, therefore causing the gap between Rank 1 and Rank 2? Search engine optimization - and where a website appears in search results - can have a significant impact on...

  8. The Votes Are In: Bing, Internet Explorer, & CNN Partner for 2014 Elections

    The website allows users to explore segments of different hot topics such as immigration and state-by-state battles for the Senate. For the 2014 elections, Bing wants to provide all Americans with an educational opportunity.

  9. Google Panda and the High Risk of Using Aggressive or Deceptive Advertising

    A roadblock is similar to a full-screen ad, but often redirects to you a different URL where an ad is displayed (in between page visits or even before the first page a user visits). Not only does this completely interrupt the user experience, but...

  10. Search Engine Marketing Checklist for Hotel Marketers

    Review the ratio of conversions of different device types (i.e.desktop/PC, tablet, and mobile) from paid search traffic These four major online channelsare: Search engines Comparison websites Hotel booking engine websites