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  1. Google Commerce Search 2.0 Means On-The-Fly Customization For Shoppers And Retailers Delight

    The browsing experience is further facilitated by Google Commerce Search 2.0's addition of "spelling and stemming dictionaries and new custom synonym options to make shopping on a retail site as easy and accurate as searching on

  2. SEO Standards Signal the Maturing of Our Industry

    That's why dictionaries exist. When I suggested that we consider setting standards for the SEO industry, I had no idea the topic would cause such uproar. I was actually following up on a SMX West panel I was involved in with three other panelists...

  3. Three Years On, Google's Trademark Usage Letters Become News Again

    What about the fact that Google was recently added as a verb to two more dictionaries, the Oxford English Dictionary (in When we were asked our view about being included, we said that because both dictionaries were defining 'Google' as using the...

  4. Google Now A Verb In The Oxford English Dictionary

    Google already is a verb in some other dictionaries, but the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is considered the most authoritative dictionary of the English language. Gary Price reports that "Google" is now officially a verb in the Oxford English...

  5. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    The new features a slick, do-it-yourself toolbox that helps users refine more types of searches with the first click of their computer mouse for maps, images, dictionaries, weather, local info or documents stored on their computers.

  6. The Search Engine Report June 3, 2002 - Number 67

    Search Engines, Keywords and Dictionaries SearchDay, May 20, 2002 By Danny Sullivan Editor, Search Engine Watch Copyright (c) 2002 INT Media Group, Inc.