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  1. SES Atlanta is Just 3 Weeks Away: Learn Top SEO & Paid Search Tactics, Tips & Tools

    It's hard to pull out specific sessions, but some of my personal highlights on the SEO side would be hearing how Jackson Healthcare have tackled the mobile challenge; or if you're deep into the SEO side of things, the SEO Diagnostics session from...

  2. Become a Leading SEO Mechanic with Both Google & Bing Webmaster Tools

    How to Find the Tool: Located under Diagnostics & Tools. How to Find the Tool: Located under Diagnostics & Tools. Using both together allows you greater insight into the factors contributing to the success—or lack thereof—of your SEO strategy.

  3. Google Buys Coupon Platform Incentive Targeting, Which Owns Targeted Search Patent

    Some other exemplary applications of the techniques described herein can include, identifying website/e-commerce users by their behavior, identifying possible criminals or terrorists based on specific behaviors from a database of activities...

  4. A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Quality Score & Tactics for Improvement

    Next, run a “Diagnostics Report” by: selecting the “Keywords” tab →”More Actions”→ “Diagnose Keywords” Quality score is one of the most misunderstood concepts in paid search. Too frequently, PPC managers associate bid strength with quality score or...