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  1. How to Remove a Penalty for Unnatural Outbound Links

    If you have a comment spam problem, then look at implementing a different commenting platform with better spam detection. Following Google's recent manual action against MyBlogGuest and their members, a lot of people have been asking for help with...

  2. 16 Secret Google Analytics Advanced Segments Worth Their Weight in Gold

    It controls for devices that aren't fully detected by Google Analytics by excluding screens with a 0x0 pixel dimension, which is the case for devices prone to detection issues. Google Analytics user agent detection can be thrown off by the...

  3. Google Webmaster Tools Now Highlights Security Issues

    Last week at Pubcon, Google's Matt Cutts said that Google was working on the next generation of hacked site detection during his keynote. Google has announced some updates today in the way they communicate with webmasters.

  4. Matt Cutts on SEO, PageRank, Spam & the Future of Google Search at Pubcon Las Vegas

    They are also working on the next generation of hacked site detection, where Cutts said he is not talking about ordinary blackhat, but “go to prison blackhat. First, Cutts spoke about Google’s “Moonshot changes,” which he broke down into these areas:

  5. Adobe Analytics Adds 6 New Features

    Predictive analytics and anomaly detection Helping an analyst filter through the noise, the new anomaly detection in Adobe Analytics identifies outliers – data points that fall outside normal trends. It seems that 2013 is shaping up to be the year...

  6. Recovering from Penalties, Penguin, and Panda

    Penguin is an algorithmic detection, so you likely won't have any messages in Webmaster Tools or manual actions listed. Google has sent web publishers into a tailspin with Pandas, Penguins and penalties.

  7. Matt Cutts Talks SEO for Google: 9 Things You Should Expect This Summer

    They want to roll out a next generation of hacked detection, as well as being able to notify webmasters better. Here are nine search and SEO changes webmasters will likely see – although, as always, Cutts warns nothing is set in stone and it should...

  8. Google April Fools' Pranks 2013: YouTube Closing, Google Nose, Gmail Blue & More!

    Well, take a whiff from Google's Aromabase and its whopping 15M+ scentibytes collected by StreetSense vehicles and Android Ambient Odor Detection. Smells like April Fools' Day. You know, immature and cheesy, with a quick, bright finish.