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  1. Top Manufacturers of Consumer Goods Using PPC for Brand Awareness

    In the baking mixes category, AdGooroo found “the vast majority of top keywords in the Baking Mix subcategory are related to desserts and dessert recipes. Some of the top manufacturers of consumer packaged goods (CPG) – those products like soda...

  2. Tasty Thanksgiving 2011 Searches: Deep Fried Turkey, Turducken & Pumpkin Pie

    Is pumpkin pie losing its edge as the dessert on Thanksgiving? Life’s Short, Eat Dessert First! Thanksgiving recipe searches peak prior to Thanksgiving each year. Thanksgiving turkey recipes” skyrocketed on Google (950 percent in the past 30 days...

  3. Great Ice Cream Sundae War Celebrated By Google Doodle

    More recently, a dispute over the dessert led to a tongue-in-cheek 'war' between the two cities over bragging rights. The urban tale goes that in more austere times the clergy deemed the popular dessert, ice cream sodas, to be 'too frilly' a food...

  4. Does Everyone Search Valentine Info On Day? Or Do They Use Other Terms?

    Searches for 'valentines day dessert' are up by 35% Christmas and Thanksgiving are two that do get heavily searched by name - so I thought V Day would as well. So any online marketers trying to find the right keywords to optimize for to take...

  5. Why Settle for Best Practices? Part 2

    In this example, keyword research would show you that "diabetic dessert recipes" has a small search volume, but it may present an opportunity for you to write some content relevant for which you could easily rank.

  6. Fishing for SEO

    Never before or since has so much wisdom been packed into such an unfulfilling dessert. Ahh, the fortune cookie. Who knew a piece of paper shoved into a cookie in some factory could pack so much insight?

  7. Get More Attention with Legal PPC Ad Symbols

    For now I'll just say that Twitter is several things ("It's a floor wax AND a dessert topping! I know I promised to write this week about some new techniques for getting great results from PPC Content Networks.