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  1. Delving Into the Auction Insights Report

    To gain back position one we can apply a small increase in bid to win on desktop and tablet and a larger increase in mobile bid adjustment. Using the Auction Insights report will continue to be an important addition to our analysis tool belt.

  2. Using Analytical Analysis to Help Improve Conversions

    First and foremost, converters and non-converters, but also several others such as by age group, new vs.returning user, mobile vs.desktop, and so on. The latest digital marketing book, SEO platform, or digital marketing tool?

  3. Search Engine Marketing Checklist for Hotel Marketers

    Review the ratio of conversions of different device types (i.e.desktop/PC, tablet, and mobile) from paid search traffic For the China market, setup Baidu’s Analytics tool on your website and integrate it with your Baidu paid search account

  4. Mobile Site Migration Planning: Rolling Your M-Dot Into Your .Com

    Mapping(s) of mobile to desktop pages So we know the goal is to consolidate/roll the mobile site into the desktop site. If your desktop experience is being redesigned, or your business is transitioning to a mobile-first point of view, you’ll want...

  5. Recover From Panda? Follow These 5 Steps to Avoid Future Panda Hits

    And by the way, you can use fetch and render as Googlebot (desktop) and Googlebot for Smartphones. Check Mobile Versus Desktop Traffic (From Google Organic). This enables you to render top landing pages from desktop or mobile the way that users...

  6. 7 Reasons Your SEO Campaign Will Fail and What You Can Do About It

    Is it user-friendly across desktop, tablet and smartphone devices? Analyze keyword data using a reputable keyword research tool and see what keywords your (successful) competitors are using, to make sure you're optimizing for the right keywords.

  7. Why Facebook’s New Cross-Device Tracking Tool Is a Game-Changer for Advertisers

    Facebook’s new tool can show that a customer saw an ad from an advertiser on its mobile device, but then later saw another ad from the same advertiser on its desktop, which drove him to convert. Advertisers can now see which mobile ad drove more...

  8. How to Create a Social Media Friendly Landing Page

    The desktop versions of Facebook and Twitter have a very similar look and feel, you may find that copy variations that suit the particular channel culture is enough to boost the conversion rate. For example, let's say you've just launched a desktop...

  9. Mobile Now Exceeds PC: The Biggest Shift Since the Internet Began

    Mobile is preferred over the PC for executives conducting research during and after office hours, according to the IDG Global Mobile Survey 2014.percent of executives own a smartphone used for business.percent of executives use their smartphone to...

  10. How to Avoid Mobile Ranking Pitfalls by Assessing Mobile Engagement

    Identifying Performance Differences Between Desktop and Mobile Action: Get desktop and mobile organic landing page metrics next to each other to identify and optimize outliers. Differentiating desktop from mobile traffic is the first step toward...